Saturday, January 14, 2012

In late 2008, we dropped iwinkd to work on other projects. We were not able to device an easy way to tag books or physical objects, something that would work without attaching another physical object on the item we want to tag.  In the meantime, we have seen people use QR codes and NFC. It might be interesting to talk about tagging real world objects again.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Omoide noto - Memory Notebook

So we are in Kyoto and staying in this lovely ryokan - a traditional guest house.
traditional guest house in tokyo

And what do we find here..
Place Blog
A dairy...

Some stories inside
Place Blog
most are in Japanese

and one in Chinese too
Place Blog

You will find in this many of these guesthouses. Guests can leave their experiences of Kyoto and the guesthouse in this diary.
Place Blog

Its like a blog of this particular place. I like this concept. Can we do this using Iwinkd?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Conversations with Future Readers

I had loaned out this one book on some esoteric topic. While it was still on loan to me, I received an email informing me that someone else has reserved the book.  Wow, there is someone else who is interested in the same topic as me.

Couple days later, I was at the library returning the book. The librarian was printing the reservation ticket for the person who has booked the book. I asked her if I can leave a note in the book pointing the next reader to my blog post (about the book) and inviting him/her to discuss the book with me. The librarian quoted some privacy rules and brushed me off.

This was one of the situations that prompted us to build iwinkd. We were figuring out what would be a totally non-intrusive way to get two strangers to talk about an object that they both encounter and care about.

So I am reading this book Fatherland by Robert Harris.

And I want to connect with future readers. One of the initial ideas we had was to leave my email and blog address. I figured that might not work. I needed a neutral space where people can come in. Lets see how this works on iwinkd:

So I head on to and create a message for the future readers.

Iwinkd comes back with the tag for your message.

Place this tag somewhere in the book. One can use a post it.

Someone else encounters to book couple of weeks later and finds the tag. The new reader types in the tag at the iwinkd website.

He reads the message that I left for him.

And decides to leave a comment.

Hopefully, we can keep talking about the book.